The trends in cosmetic treatments today show more people moving away from surgery towards less invasive treatments.  Facial treatments with fewer complications, natural results and shorter recovery times are gaining ground and are becoming more popular in all parts of the world among both men and women.

Galderma, the owners and manufacturers of (among others) the Restylane® and Emervel® product ranges, have published a consumer e-book which aims to bring answers to some of the many common questions asked by patients and explain some of the different treatment options. 

The book covers a multitude of topics, including:

  • Current trends in cosmetic treatments
  • A look at some minimally invasive treatment options
  • Common worries and concerns and possible motivations for seeking treatment
  • Understanding treatment options
  • The importance of clinical and scientific evidence to support product claims and safety
  • Questions patients should ask their doctor

The content of this e-book is based on published research, results of Galderma’s Clinician Survey which was completed in 2013 and interviews with internationally  reputed physicians specialised in aesthetic treatments.

 Click hereunder to download your free copy in PDF-format.

The Changing Face of Aesthetic Treatments
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