Valérie Kaprisky was born on 19 August 1962 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. She is one of the most celebrated French actresses of her generation, known for her roles in Breathless (1983), The Public Woman (1984) and Mouvements du désir (1994) and her relation with Anthony Delon (son of).

Without the aforementioned information and only looking at her, it would be extremely difficult to estimate her true age (51).  She is a fierce supporter of Silhouette Soft® and she has several sutures in her face and her neck. 

She said: “Silhouette enhanced the contours of my face and put a smile upon it” and agreed with the company to be the official face and promoter of Silhouette Soft®. 


Silhouette Soft® sutures:

  • Are a tailor made treatment for flabbiness of various areas, such as the lower jaw, the neck, cheeks and mid face area and eyebrows and are also very effective in the décolleté area, the underarms, the belly and above the knees
  • Give an immediate natural lifting effect
  • Restore progressively the lost collagen in the skin
  • Are made of poly-l-lactic acid and thus entirely re-absorbable
  • Do not require a surgical procedure and cause no downtime
  • Have a long lasting effect for up to 18 months
  • Are available with 2 x 4 or 2 x 8 bi-directional placed cones and a new version with 2 x 6 bi-directionally placed cones is in development.

At Esthetique Ltd. our dr. Svetlana Verhoeven-Iliazova has been thoroughly trained by the manufacturer of Silhouette Soft® sutures and she was the very first doctor in Cyprus to administer the sutures.  Up to this date she has more than 300 procedures on her record.

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