Auriga International is a Belgian pharmaceutical company, since over 10 years very successful in the creation of original treatments in the fields of dermatology, plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine.  Over time Auriga International has specialised in products based on vitamin C and vitamin K oxide and in skin penetration systems, such as nanosomes.

The research and development capacity is the key value of a pharmaceutical company: Auriga International makes it its priority by investing 15% of its annual turnover in R&D to support its very high level team of researchers who work in close collaboration with academic institutions and biotechnological companies.

In 2012 Auriga International introduced the new and high-tech BRA® (Biocell Rejuvenation Activator) Chemical Peeling. 

The BRA® Evolutive Peeling is a superficial facial peeling for the correction of surface skin imperfections: dull or blotchy colour, red patches, dilated pores, irregularities in texture. It is also advised for skins with a seborrhoeic (oily skin) tendency.  Contrary to other TCA peelings and thanks to the advanced Auriga technology, a BRA Peeling does not cause any inconveniences to the patient (such as the sensation of warming up, temporary redness or post-inflammatory pigmentation). 
BRA® is a very safe and effective facial peel, suitable for all skin types and our absolute favourite because of:

  • An optimal transcutaneous penetration: the application of the peeling solution reduces the relative impermeability of the epidermis; turning it into a filter which facilitates the penetration of the active molecules into the deeper layers of the skin.
  • The absence of side effects: the powerful complex of antioxidants allows the use of the BRA Peeling under the most secure conditions.  Neither irritation nor itching sensations occur after the procedure.
  • Maximum patient comfort and satisfaction: visible results are achieved after the first session while the patients do not need to interrupt their daily activities.  No preliminary skin preparation is necessary.
  • Excellent efficacy: the results of a BRA® Peeling with 15% TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) are comparable to a peeling with 60% of Glycolic Acid.


We advise an Auriga BRA Peeling, during winter, to correct skin imperfections such as:

  • Dull complexion or uneven skin tone
  • Rough patches
  • Dilated (open) pores
  • Irregular skin surface or texture
  • Seborrhoeic (oily) skin conditions


To obtain maximum results we advise a BRA® Peeling 15% TCA to start with, followed by 3 additional treatments with an interval of 10 to 15 days each, increasing the strength from 15 to 30% TCA.


Auriga International produces also an extensive range of high-tech specialty creams which are available in our clinic and in our web shop (click here).

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