A Restylane qualitative study conducted by Q-Med AB in several countries confirmed the global trends about male grooming.  The growing interest in Restylane is a clear indicator of the leading dermal filler based on non-animal hyaluronic acid as being efficient, fast and reliable.

Restylane has proven to be accepted as a natural and safe way for filling out wrinkles and folds, creating volume and contouring the face.  As the recent study revealed, men tend to value modern and clinically established methods for improvement, rather than more time consuming and tedious treatments such as creams and lotions, which must be used over a long time to obtain effect.

Still according to the study, men are generally ill at ease about going to a beauty salon.  Men feel that the privacy of a doctor's office is more reassuring, especially from a safety point of view.

Men utilize many of the same procedures and surgical principles as women.  However there are differences in the anatomy and physiology of male skin, facial structures and facial aesthetics that determine how a procedure is planned.

  • Male skin is thicker, coarser and contains in some facial regions more subcutaneous fat.  This generally means that volumetric signs of facial skin aging appear later in life among men, compared to women.
  • Male facial skin contains hair and the sebum production is higher compared to women.  In addition the capillary blood flow is higher.
  • The facial structures of men are defined as more prominent and angular compared to the soft fullness of a female face.


The Restylane range of products can address all aesthetic needs of men:



  • Smoother forehead.  Breaking up the forehead lines with reduces a stern appearance while maintaining a refreshed look.
  • Raising eyebrows.  Raising the eyebrows gives a fresher, more rested look.
  • Correction of tear through deformity.  A quick and easy procedure to reduce the "tired eyes look".
  • A stronger nose.  Augmenting the nose can create a more masculine appearance by addressing the nose eyebrow region, lifting the nasal tip or straightening the profile of the nose.
  • More prominent cheekbones and jaw line.  Enhancing the cheeks, tightening the visible jowls or filling in deep lines will enhance and restore the angular shape of the facial features.
  • Fuller lips.  A slight plump to the lips accentuates the sensuality and overall attractiveness.  Also a turned inwards lower lip (a result of ageing) can easily be corrected.
  • A chin with a better projection.  A common problem is a receding chin, which can be easily addressed and restored or enhanced.


Thanks  to  the   presence  of  Lidocaine  in all  products  and the  maximal  use of  Pix'L Blunt Cannulas, the above treatments are painless and require no downtime. 

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