Restylane® Skinboosters™: an innovative treatment that improves your skin condition.


It is only natural to want skin that looks and feels soft and radiant.  Restylane Skinboosters are clinically proven to:

Restore the skin’s hydro balance

With time, the skin becomes less hydrated as the body’s own hyaluronic acid loses its water retaining properties.  Restylane Skinboosters are based on a specific formula of stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid (NASHA) that is designed to maintain skin hydration.

Hydro balance is the term we use to describe how our products buffer the skin’s moisture content.  As Restylane Vital™ products can hold a lot of water in the skin they become physiologically active dermal reservoirs of hydration.  By increasing the skin’s moisture holding capacity, it becomes more resistant to dehydrating forces and retains its turgor (= the main pressure of the cell contents against the cell walls) and structure.

Improving elasticity and skin structure

Clinical studies demonstrated that Restylane Skinboosters significantly increase skin elasticity and decrease skin surface roughness.  Positive results were visible already after one session, however full results were not obtained until three sessions were completed.  In the same study, all patients reported that their expectations were met and indicated their intention to maintain treatment with Restylane Skinboosters.

Further support to why scheduled maintenance can give a cumulative increase in skin elasticity and structure comes from other independent investigators; Wang et al. found that treatment with Restylane Skinboosters stimulated dermal fibroblasts to synthesize new collagen which helped to improve the structure of aged and sun damaged skin.

Increasing skin firmness

Restylane Skinboosters also give thin skin a plumper and firmer structure.  Distante et al. used ultrasound to measure skin thickness.  The results showed that Restylane Skinboosters produced progressive and significant increases in skin thickness resulting in a firmer skin.

This is due to Restylane’s unique NASHA® technology, a patented technique for creating stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (HA).   HA is a natural ingredient found in the skin, designed to maintain hydration.  The Restylane Skinboosters injectable gel delivers significant improvement in skin quality for up to 12 months, depending on the treatment area – far longer than the non-stabilized HA used by the majority of other brands.

Patients love the results they see from Restylane Skinboosters.  After a course of treatments 96% would like to repeat or continue the treatment and would recommend the procedure to their friends.

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